Intelligent, Cost-Saving, Fleet-Charging Solutions

We utilize EV OS, an advanced cloud-based operating platform that fully automates 24/7 autonomous service delivery, big savings for deployment and operating costs, and a broad range of quality chargers.

Our EV charging system is fully automated, all you have to do is connect the charger at the end of your shift and come back to a fully charged vehicle when you return to work.

Utilizing our EV OS, you can avoid costly panel and service upgrades.

Without EV OS Intelligent Load Balancing, although this fleet has 10 vehicles, it is only able to install 5 charging stations due to the limits of the electrical capacity at the existing site. Electric upgrades can be prohibitively costly.

With EV OS Intelligent Load Balancing, the same existing power supply capacity can service 10 chargers with no electrical upgrades. EV OS dynamically shifts energy to vehicles that need it most, while constantly monitoring and maintaining the total load under the limit of the electrical panel.

Without EV OS, the addition of EV charging can have a dramatic effect on the peak electricity usage at your location. The new peak usage can result in demand charge increasing significantly and have a big impact on your bottom line.

With EV OS you can analyze the existing site load and respond by scheduling EV charging at times that won’t elevate peak usage to new heights. The overall effect will keep your energy usage costs at manageable levels.

Without EV OS, each vehicle in your fleet starts charging as soon as it returns to the depot and plugs into the EV charger. The vehicles that return early start charging at a time when the utility charges peak rates.

EV OS analyzes the rates offered by the utility company, and intelligently schedules and executes the charging of the entire fleet at the lowest possible cost.

More Flexibility to meet your needs. Our EV OS works with ALL of our chargers.

Transitioning your fleet to EV is a transformative decision and selecting the right EV charging solution will have an enormous impact on the success of your business. Our solution focuses on ensuring 100% fleet availability while keeping your investment and operating costs as low as possible.

It starts with hardware that meets the strictest global quality certifications. Our UL certified stations are thoroughly tested for reliable performance over their product lifecycle.

Next, we make sure that the charging process is super simple to follow from the perspective of your drivers. As the shift ends, your drivers simply plug in their vehicles and come back the next day to a fully charged vehicle. EV OS orchestrates the charging schedule based on the needs for your fleet.

We also strive to help keep EV charging implementation costs to a minimum. Through our intelligent load balancing solution, we are able to extend the maximum number of EV stations that your electrical panel can support. This allows you to roll out the plan that makes sense for your location without additional investments in electrical panel upgrades.

Finally, we really excel when it comes to keeping your daily operating costs low. EV OS analyzes the rates offered by the utility company, and intelligently schedules and executes the charging of the entire fleet at the lowest possible cost. This saves money every day and has a cumulative effect that can really improve your bottom line.

When you choose Quintessential Construction Managers & Consultants, LLC (a Certified EV Tech® Reseller), you choose an intelligent solution that’s reliable and saves you money on Day One and every single day that your fleet is in operation.

Your EV Fleet will thrive with quality certified EV charger options, EV OS autonomous charging service, as well as big savings on deployment and operating costs.

It doesn’t make sense not to choose us!