Why Outsourcing Construction Quality Control Is Becoming Increasingly Important

When Henry Ford introduced the assembly line, he likely had no idea how far the concept would evolve over time. Now, rather than having specialized departments staffed by team members with highly specialized skills, many companies are outsourcing different aspects of production all throughout the world. A single unit might have more than 20 different companies producing its parts. Unfortunately, this is also true in the construction industry. This is why at Quintessential, LLC, we believe that outsourcing construction quality control is becoming increasingly important.

The more complex that a supply chain becomes, the more the related quality control measures suffer. This can be attributed to the wisdom of the old adage that asserts “too many cooks spoil the soup”. Every supplier and laborer that you work with has their own ideas about quality control. More importantly, these ideas aren’t guaranteed to perfectly align with your own. Your expectations for superior workmanship may be quite different from theirs. There’s also the fact that combine the individual efforts of multiple companies presents a number of risks and challenges.

When construction projects are parted out to plumbers, rough framing companies, painters, electricians, and many others, not all of the resulting work is guaranteed to blend seamlessly together. Thus, quality control becomes less about inspecting the finished product, and more about leveraging strategic mitigation strategies all throughout the work process to ensure optimal outcomes. For instance, scheduling contracts effectively will prevent early installations from affecting products or systems that are installed later in the project.

Quality control also includes an in-depth look at suppliers, their materials, and their costs. Cheaper isn’t always better when building, and our team can determine when paying a bit more for your projects is essential for enjoying the right outcomes. As your partners in quality control, we’ll make concerted efforts every step of the way to ensure excellent returns and to minimize the potential for problems.

As top-rated government construction contractors, we have aptly proved our worth as partners in quality control. For construction managers, we can even assist with construction permit expediting. With our extensive experience, diverse range of skills, and robust network of partners, there are countless ways in which we can help you deliver on time, exceed expectations, and cut costs. Contact us now to get started.